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Evisionet.net was one of the first few thousand domain names registered. Back in 1994 domain names were free, you just had to send a letter requesting a domain. Envisionet has been re purposed as a guide to USA online gambling sites in September of 2014.


envisionet.net - online since 1994 - now offering a list of USA gambling sites in September, 2017 - US poker sites, USA casinos, U.S. bingo and US sportsbook online

casino bonus codes September, 2017Updated In September, 2017 - Envisionet.net was first opened in 1994. Back then domain names were free to register. You just needed to send a letter requesting a domain. Domains didn't actually cost money to register until 1995. The price was $100 for a two year registration. Back in 1995 you could get gas for under a dollar per gallon, compared to $3-$4 now, and even cigarettes were $20 for a carton, compared to $60-$100 in 2015. Envisionet.net is not the oldest domain name in 2015. Depending on who you ask there were either 3,000 domains registered in 1994 or there were 30,000. Envisionet.net started out as the web page for a company that managed call centers. It eventually went bankrupt when Microsoft outsourced their call centers based in the USA overseas. Today we are offering Americans information about online gambling sites. Online casinos, U.S. sportbooks , poker sites for USA and US bingo sites started popping up in the late 90s. Many of the original USA gambling sites are no longer active but others are still running strong. Bovada.lv - the U.S. facing domain used by Bodog - is the biggest sportsbook in the world in 2014 and they first opened around 15 years ago. Their casino has over 200 games and is thought to be the most advanced USA online casino in 2014. They do not rent their amazing software out though so there is only one other US casino in 2014 that uses it, their sister site Slots.lv. The list below contains only USA friendly casinos with no deposit bonuses in September in 2014 . Just use our link and USA casino bonus codes in order to instantly receive free online casino money.

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online gambling sites in the united states of America in 2014

Online USA gambling grew a lot over the last couple of years and nowadays the biggest companies serve customers from all over the world. It is less important for the servers are located, because as long as they are fully regulated and the USA online gambling site in 2014 is in a secure location, they can look after players located thousands of miles away.

How to choose a USA Online Gambling Site

There are numerous criteria is that sports bettors should consider when choosing sports books that operate exclusively over the Internet. The first things that come to mind are a nice selection of games, odds that meet and exceed industry standards and reliable payment methods. All these are essential for the well-being of players, because members need to feel secure and focus exclusively on maximizing their profits, without worrying about the safety of their funds and personal information.

The importance of top odds and reliable deposit and withdrawal methods is also self-evident, because at the end of the day, the success of a sports bettor is measured by the profits you make. Being unable to withdraw the money won is even worse than losing, but this can easily be prevented by choosing a reliable gambling operator. It is important for the new USA sportsbook to be located in a country that exercises some form of licensing and regulation. Sports book pay outs should always be processed in 24 hours or less and then sent via the fastest means. Sportsbook cash transfer payouts can take as little as 12-24 hours and sportsbook check cashouts should take one week or less. Bovada has quick cashouts but they are limited with regards to deposit options. Mastercard deposits at Bovada.lv are not accepted but Visa debit and credit card deposits have a nearly 100% success rate. BetOnline.ag accepts both Mastercard and Visa, along with many others that Americans can use according to www.pokerpayouts.org and this USA wagering site .

In the worst-case scenario when players need to take matters to court or at least challenge the sports book, it is refreshing to know that you stand a chance. This also has to do with the handling of personal information, because it is more likely for the data to be properly handled if the servers are located in a safe location.

legal online gambling in the USA - legal US casinos, poker sites and sportsbooks in 2014 - 2015

One of the biggest concerns for sports bettors is to act with complete respect of the law, because nobody was to find himself in trouble. Most U.S. online gambling companies are honest and they are subject to a strict set of rules and regulations, but there are also rogue operators out there. They take advantage of people who are forced to look elsewhere for solutions, as there are not enough gambling companies serving them due to legislative issues. Finding a legal casino accepting USA players in 2015 is going to be easy or impossible, depending on what you consider legal to be.

US residents are hard pressed to find reliable partners, given the fact that online gambling is only allowed in a few states. This is why the American Internet gambling companies is sometimes located beyond borders and this is something that poses certain problems.

Reading reviews and going over the comments posted by former and existing users is one way of mitigating the risks, because those companies that have been flagged by members should probably be avoided. Overall, betting over the Internet, playing casino games or poker is relatively safe and all it takes is minimal research to stay out of trouble. Choosing companies that have been around for a while is a surefire way of mitigating the risks, as they have a reputation to preserve.